Kaythryn Apel

Yesterday Kathryn Apel  to our school I can’t believe that a author came to talk to us. It gave me some really good  ideas.

She gave us some good advice for when we do poetry. I have read bully on the bus and I really like that book when I read the book it made me feel sorry for the boy that gets bullied all the time on the bus.

Here are some of her books

Kathryn Apel was born a farm girl also she was born in Queensland Australia. Some of her stories are based on what happened to her and her two sons.

Bully on the bus is about a boy who gets bullied on the bus the bully takes the boys stuff and throws it out the bus window the boy try’s different ways to stop the bully but they don’t work.

Here is a link to Kathryn’s Blog

Kaythryn Apel’s blog

A very plane blog

This week we have been measuring and learning about paper planes, I predict that my dart paper plane fly 12 meters or more and I predict that my bulldog dart will fly under 7 meters.

I think that my dart paper plane will go further than my bulldog dart because the dart has a pointed end and the bulldog dart end is flat.

We also had collect the data of our paper plane my first one I did was bulldog dart its

Length: 23cm


area:156cm square

height: 7cm

This is my data for my dart paper plane


width: 11.5

area: 190.32cm square

lengh: 30cm


here are some links that I recommend for you.

Paper Plane website✈️


The Human Race!

Today there was a performance and we learnt that you might hurt someones feelings with out realizing. This show shows you should be respectful to one another. The characters are Deedee, Kane, Dunc and Kimb0.






On Wendsday the 14th of December all the year 4rs had a unique earth open day I did volcanoes here is a picture of my poster,


I had a volcano model and every once in a while I made it explode.

Ella did underwater volcanoes her’s was great go check out her blog post.

This is the amount of people that visited our display.